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Using MySQL 5.1? You’ve been warned

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The other day I got really excited about MySQL 5.1. Finally, I can use prepared statements and the query_cache at the same time! And then I stumbled upon Monty’s blog post.

In case you missed it. A stern warning from Michael Widenius (Founder and original developer of MySQL).

That’s alot of bugs. Its not the volume of bugs thats alarming but the seriousness attached to them. Many are “crashing” bugs! Depending on what you use MySQL for they may or may not matter. Depending on how much data you have that bug list could leave you feeling rather uncomfortable about MySQL 5.1.

Three months has gone by since MySQL 5.1 was announced “Generally Available”. According to mysql performance blog there are some exceptional MySQL users out there. Some on the bleeding edge using the 6.0 releases already.

Is this all a rush to become “Enterprise Ready”? Is it Sun’s fault? Has MySQL lowered its quality standards?

Who knows. I’m keeping my options open (postgres?). Some ex-MySQLers are busy elsewhere. Hrmm. Maybe the relational database is doomed after all.

Written by phpslacker

February 17, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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